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Nootropil for clarity and concentration

Answered by: Dr Sri Viknarajan

Last Updated: May 13, 2021 10:47 PM
Anonymous 2 months

I’m a 38yrs old PhD student. I got recomendation to use Noootropil (piracetam) for my concentration and clarity problem. I am 38yrs old and healthy but with a bad concentration and a lil bit slow in thinking and solving problems if comparing to my mates. Is it true that Nootropil really helps? Thanks.

Dr Sri Viknarajan 2 months
General Practitioner

Hello, and thank you for contacting us

Get a good rest with a restful sleep.

Although your enquiry is straight to the point, we sincerely understand your concern with your current health. However, such medication usually needs proper consultation and a doctor’s prescription. Hence we encourage you to consult personally with the nearest specialist in your area.

In addition, to decide on which therapy best suited (for your overall or specific health), an additional assessment must be done, in order to avoid any counterproductive circumstances in the near future.

Nevertheless, the drug mentioned above is indeed one of the alternatives or preferred option for certain neurological symptoms. However, to clearly understand the combination and method in order to maximize the use of the drug, it is best that you seek the advice of the doctor that has to prescribe you the medication in the first place.

Needs a second opinion from a specialist? Our neurologist are here to help.

Nonetheless, you can also talk directly to our doctors by using this link. (DoctorOnCall) Thank you.


Last Updated: Thu May 13 2021 22:47:14 GMT+0800 (Malaysia Time)
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