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What are the symptoms of almonds poisoning? I had a lot just now

Answered by: Dr Ramzdhan

Last Updated: April 17, 2021 1:46 PM
Anonymous 2 years

I wanna ask what are the serious or deadly symptoms of getting almond poisoning? I had a lot just now and i vomitted just now

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Dr Ramzdhan 2 years
General Practitioner

Hi and thank you for asking us

Through the question and statement you gave on the above section, i completely understand your concern over this matter. In general, eating bitter and raw almonds can cause poisoning. Sweet and cooked almonds are safe to eat. Eating 6-10 raw almonds can cause symptoms of:

  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • rapid breathing
  • rapid heart rate

Ingesting large amount of raw and bitter almonds can cause:

  • convulsions
  • loss of consciousness
  • low blood pressure
  • slowed heart rate
  • respiratory failure
  • death

There are also other causes of vomiting such as:

  • Acid reflux or GERD
  • Esophageal sphincter problems
  • Food intolerance
  • Gastritis
  • Psychology: anxiety or anorexia nervosa

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Last Updated: Sat Apr 17 2021 13:46:50 GMT+0800 (Malaysia Time)
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