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Have a Small bump in groin area

I’m a woman in my 30s, have a small bump in groin area. It has been 2 months since I got it and it is painful when I press on it. One day, there is a pus discharge from the bump and the size got reduced. I thought it is already healed but somehow it grows back to small bump and same thing repeat again. Should I be concerned with this?

Hello, thank you for reaching out to us.

We understand the problem you are currently experiencing. Based on your statement, there are several reasons that can cause you to experience such problems, such as:

  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes (lymphadenitis)
  • Bartholin cyst
  • Infected skin due to bacteria, virus or fungal infection

Answer for your your question, yes you should concern about this condition. Please visit a doctor to undergo an examination.

This is just our general description of your problem. We recommend that you see a doctor as soon as possible so that an examination can be done and treatment can be given to you as the symptom affects your daily activity and causes discomfort. It can be also caused by other factors that is not mentioned above.

Speak to a gynaecologist today to ease your mind.

If you have further questions, please contact us at ( DoctorOnCall ) to speak with our doctor in person. Thank you.


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