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How to lower. your BP reading

I am a woman, approaching 40. what I can do on my own to lower my BP reading? yesterday, my BP was climbing, I had a mild chest pain and I was sweating. I went to the hospital emergency as I was told to go to the emergency if my BP is high. it was near berbuka, my last reading was 176/112 and was sent home by the person at the emergency registration counter. by the time I was home the reading touched 200/113,I didn’t know what to do so I just sleep it out. Woke up for sahur and my BP is at 179/110 and I have neck pain.

Hi, thank you for your question. Having one elevated blood pressure does not mean that you have hypertension. Blood pressure can be affected by physical activities, illness, medications, diet and emotions. It will also fluctuate throughout the day. To get an accurate blood pressure reading, avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco before blood pressure measurement.

Also, sit down and take a rest before measuring your blood pressure. Make sure your arm is placed at the level of your heart and repeat your measurement to make sure it is accurate. Blood pressure will need to be taken on a few different occasions over a period of time in order to know whether it is an actual problem or is it due to stress or fear. Your doctor will also need to take a detailed medical history and order a few tests such as blood test and urine test. You should consult your doctor before taking medication.

You will need to start taking medication immediately if your systolic blood pressure is >160mmHg and/or diastolic pressure >100 mmHg. If your systolic pressure is 120-159mmHg and/or diastolic pressure 80-99mmHg, your doctor will assess your risk of developing heart issues. If you have moderate or high risk of developing heart problems, you will be started on medications. If your risk of developing heart problems is low, your doctor will advice you on lifestyle changes and re-evaluate your blood pressure in 3-6 months’ time.

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