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Red patches and red spots on glans that doesn’t go away

Answered by: Dr Sashini Seeni

Last Updated: May 20, 2021 12:28 PM
Anonymous 5 months

4 years ago, i had red spots on my glans and one cyst on my foreskin, then doctor gave me cream to apply. The red spots disappear and became red patches. So I did 3 consecutive blood test for hiv,herpes,syphilis and were all negative.
1st test: 6 months after exposure
2nd test: 7 months after exposure
3nd test: 1 and a half year after exposure.

Doctor gave me steroid cream, anti fungus cream, antibiotic cream to apply on my glans and also gave me oral antibiotic. But the redness and red spots is still there. Initially my penis is pain during erection. After that i go and had circumcision. After circumcused, there is no more pain during erection. My cyst also had been removed during circumcusion. Before removal, the cyst sometimes pain.

Now dr said nothing to worry about, said it is normal blood flow. But my glans is red than before and got many red spots. If it is not std, balanitis had been cured, but glans still red and red spots, what could it be? My symptoms now is no pain, no itch, no discharge, no ulcer, and nothing discomfort at all.

Dr Sashini Seeni 5 months
General Practitioner

Thank you for your questions.

The following answers regarding your current queries are just general descriptions due to the limited information provided by you. Click on this link (DoctorOnCall) for a private consultation with our doctors.

For your information, before doing circumcision your glans is covered by the skin. After removing the foreskin from your penis, part of the glans is totally exposed. So it takes some time to change the colour. You dont have to worry, just follow the instructions given by your doctor and keep your penis clean all the time to prevent any problems.

Pain from adult circumcision is typically mild. Your doctor may prescribe a mild pain reliever, but over-the-counter options may be sufficient to ease any discomfort. Your doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic in order to prevent a possible infection.

Wear comfortable but supportive underwear that can hold the head of the penis toward the belly button lying flat. Loose-fitting underwear allows for too much movement. This can increase swelling and pain.

Within a day or two of the surgery, you should begin trying to walk. Keep the movement low-impact and slow at first. Don’t jump to normal physical activity without permission from your doctor.

As soon as your bandage is removed, you can take a shower. Be careful not to swipe the incision with a washcloth or towel, and don’t use any scented soaps or gels for several weeks. The fragrance and chemicals may irritate the sensitive skin as it heals. Pat dry the area to reduce sensitivity.

Get professional advice for a better sexual health.

Please click on this link ( DoctorOnCall ) to speak with our doctors online. We assure you that our conversations are kept in confidentiality unless additional consultation needed with other medical parties. Thank you


Last Updated: Thu May 20 2021 12:28:03 GMT+0800 (Malaysia Time)
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