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Covid vaccination for pregnant mom in 1st trimester

Answered by: Dr Sri Viknarajan

Last Updated: August 21, 2021 7:27 PM

Anonymous 2 months

Hi respective Dr,

I am in 11 weeks and 4days of pregnancy and will receive my covid vaccination tomorrow (where my pregnancy will be in 11 weeks 5days). I have no comorbidity and yet healthy. My question is it safe to proceed my covid vaccination now or should I wait until 14 weeks of my pregnancy? Kindly advise. Thanks in advance Dr.

Dr Sri Viknarajan 2 months
General Practitioner

Hi and thank you for this question.
we understand your concern.
Covid-19 vaccination is safe for pregnant mothers.
Being vaccinated will help protect you and your child.
Covid-19 vaccine is suggested best for dose one at 11-33 weeks.
There are even cases where one did not know they are pregnant and have gotten vaccinated in the earlier weeks and this is not a problem.
You should head to the vaccine center tomorrow and inform your current condition at station number 3 of informed consent.
The doctors will monitor you for a longer period of time after your vaccination.
Astra zenaca does show a rare cause of blood clots in pregnancy.
We hope we answered your question well.
Happy vaccination.
Do talk to our doctors online for further questions related to your pregnancy.
Thank you.
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Last Updated: Sat Aug 21 2021 19:27:32 GMT+0800 (Malaysia Time)
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