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Having fever and cold continously after having the second dose of pfizer vaccine

My mom is having fever and cold continuously for 11 days since taking the second dose of pfizer vaccine on 18/8/2021. She feels suffer from the fever and cold everyday. Is this consider normal? and what further action should I perform?

Thank you for approaching us.

Based on the given information, we understand that you are enquiring about further at home remedies to cope up with the intermittent symptoms that are experienced by your mother after hersecond dose of vaccination which was almost two weeks ago.

We understand your worries and would be glad if our information becomes a helping hand.

Some do experience more of a side effect after the second dose of their vaccination but most of the vaccine side effects are self- limiting.

Although this is the case, always stay alert for any of the side effects below.
Please do seek immediate medical help if any of these side effects are noticed.

  • severe persistent headache
  • blurred vision
  • fainting and seizures
  • stomach and chest pain
  • swelling or pain in the legs
  • shortness of breath/trouble breathing
  • Bruising easily

Depending on your symptoms, you may try:

  • putting a cold compress (such as a damp washcloth) on the injection site
  • using your arm, rather than keeping it inactive, to reduce injection site discomfort
  • checking with your doctor to see if you can take over-the-counter painkillers
  • drinking lots of fluids
  • wearing lighter clothing, if you’re feeling feverish

I hope the given information helps and we wish dad a fast recovery .

If these symptoms that she is experiencing persists further ,do not be hesitant to seek medical advice.

You may use our online consultation service to get in touch with a doctor.

Hope we have answered your question satisfactorily. Thank you.

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