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Miscarriage symptoms for early week of pregnancy

My concers are what are the misscarriage symtomps for early week of pregnancy (ariund 1/2 weeks) and how long does it lasts? How does it differs from period.

I am 28 years old, just married 1 month ago. Having my period 1 week later than my usual cycle. Had severe cramp lasts overnight before I realised that I had my period that morning (see blood clot discharge after urinating). My period lasts less than 12 hours only. I am afraid that I am actually having a miscarriage instead of period


Thank you for your question. I understand your worries regarding your condition.
For your information, early pregnancy bleeding could be harmless but also harmful. These are some conditions that might cause your bleeding:

  • Implantation bleeding: this is the harmless bleeding that usually occur around the time of your period have been due. It happened because the embryo plants itself in the womb of your uterus.
  • Cervical changes: some women can experience bleeding by the cervical changes during early pregnancy, the bleeding could be after sex as example.
  • Miscarriage: you might want to check with doctor if your symptoms of pregnancy regress early, expulsion of product of conception or your bleeding doesnt stop for days.
  • Ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy outside of uterus. You may have very severe lower abdominal pain accompanied by bleeding.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey into motherhood. Make sure you get enough nutrients for you and your baby.

If your bleeding still continues for days, i suggest you to have a proper medical checkup at clinic.
The bleeding could be harmful for you and your baby.

To know more about your current condition, please click on this link ( DoctorOnCall ) to speak with our doctors online. We assure you that our conversations are kept in confidentiality unless additional consultation needed with other medical parties. Thank you

Speak to an obstetrician for a healthy and worry-free pregnancy.


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