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hello goodday dr, im a mother age 26. my lmp was 20/3/21. its irregular menses. i started noticed my period was late more than a month . it is + when i did upt at home. when i chck pregncny circle im about 8 weeks that time. a week later i did checkup at private clinic and scan. it shows , a empty sac without any heartbeat inside. at the scan machne stated i only in week 5 pregnncy. dr advice to repeat scan in 2 weeks time. is that normal? im worried and im afraid. im actually g4 p3 +1

Hi, thank you for reaching out to us.

We understand you are curious regarding the difference in gestational (pregnancy) age and the empty sac without any heartbeat seen. Do not worry as we will try to assist you in answering your question.

Since you mentioned that your menstruation is not regular, the gestational age will be calculated based on the scan and this is normal. Regarding the scan result, it is unlikely to detect any heartbeat if the pregnancy is less than 7 weeks. That is one of the reason why the doctor scheduled you for another appointment in another 2 weeks as your gestational age is 7 weeks by the time.

If you are still curious, we suggest you to contact our doctors online via teleconsultation so that we could assist you further.

We hope that our answer helps you. Thank you.

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