22 months

Reoccurring Uti,stomach cramp,

I am woman in my 20.i have experienced uti for almost over a year first,it was just frequent urination and the feeling that my bladder is full almost all time. I was diagnosed with uti at that time,since bacteria and blood could be found in my urine.however, this was a year pass.i recently went to the doc again and they said my urine ph is normal which indicates that there’s no bacteria in my urine. I recently take d mannose for almost 10 days. I noticed less urine but my stomach cramp all the time to the point I can’t even feel is my bladder is full or not. I often had dehydration even when i drink much more water than usual.its hurt when i pee however there’s no burning feelings.both my right and lefts side hurt even when i pooping.its almost as if there’s a limit to the pressure i can use when peeing and pooping. Sometimes,i also feel a sharp pain in my middle right side of my stomach. All this still doesn’t get better except the amount of times i peeing. All the prescribed antibiotics by the 5 doctor i went are all taken accordingly but the pains doesn’t go away. This has affected my life in many ways. I want to know if this will affect my kidney as that is my biggest fear right now or is it symptoms for other sickness?should i went to the doc again?

Hi, thank you for your question.

We understand your concern regarding your symptoms. We will try to help.

Based on your explanation, you have symptoms of stomach cramps, dehydration and pain. While you may think that this is related to your UTI before, there are chances that the symptoms are caused by other problems such as from your kidney or bowel. Therefore, you are recommended to refer to a doctor since more information is needed to make a proper diagnosis.

You can also speak to our doctor online for a consultation. We hope this answer helps you.
Thank you.

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