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COVID 19 - post quarantine

Answered by: Dr Sri Viknarajan

Last Updated: January 8, 2021 10:00 AM

Anonymous 9 days

I have few questions that I’d like you to comment/give opinion/reassurance etc, regarding Covid19 post-quarantine situation. Feel free to ignore if you have previously answered these questions (I apologize if I missed it) but I’m sure this will give me & others peace of mind.

Q1: Is it wise for Covid +ve patients to end quarantine after 10 days without testing, if they show no symptoms? (10 days after the onset of symptoms)

Q2: Relating back to Q1, no testing needed before going back out in public because their test results could remain positive for much longer period. But how long will these patients remained positive?

And lastly, Q3: Is it safe to assume that these patients, are almost certainly fully recovered from the illness, and can no longer pass the virus to others? (assuming they can return to work once discharge)

Dr Sri Viknarajan 9 days
General Practitioner

Thank you for your question.

We understand your worries especially towards COVID-19 +ve patients status, condition and their test result.

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Ideally, one needs to know that the 14 days of isolation is the bar standards set to those that were likely to be a positif covid patient. However for those that were tested positif, needs to continue isolation far longer according to the current MOH SOP even without any symptoms. Additionally a second test is required to assess their current condition.

Theoretically, when a Covid-19 patient is infected, the virus will surely replicate and continues to grow inside them and infect other people through respiratory droplets, up until our body’s immune system can eliminate every single one of them.

Discharged patient will need to pass certain medical criterias according to the Ministry Of Health Standrad Operating Procedure. Passing these criteria ensures them that they can no longer infect other people with Covid-19.

inadvertently be displaced outwards into the oral and nasal cavity (nasopharynx & oropharynx), the same way phlegm is expelled from the respiratory organ. Swab test are taken to swipe out the surface of those mucosal layer that potentially might reside the virus.

With that being said I would still encourage you to answer this quiz on Risk Assessment for COVID-19 to evaluate your concurrent health status.

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You may also click on this link to directly request a COVID-19 screening test if ever considered on having another test done. Or contact the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC). Other than that, do practice good hand hygiene, social/physical distancing and wear your face mask in public.

CPRC contact:

For more information on your health condition, or for more accurate treatment to be implemented, a more detailed test should be done beforehand. Click on this link (DoctorOnCall) to talk online with our certified doctors. Thank you

Last Updated: Fri Jan 08 2021 10:00:08 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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