2 years

Body Temperature around 35C

hi I am 40 years old. since i diagnosed with covid from 16-2 , i have been quarantined at home till today. but my body temperature was ranging from 35-35.5 (ear measurement) and i do rapid test today it was still positive. My mysejahtera already said i have completed home quarantined and has become low risk. Am i fully recovered? besides coughing and feeling cold on my feet. i just feel like normal.

Dr Ramzdhan,

2 years

Hello and good afternoon.
Thank you for your question.

Based on your question, I understand that you are worried about your problem. I will try to help you.

The isolation period has been increased to five days for those who have previously received the booster dosage and to seven days for those who are fully or partially vaccinated, or who are unvaccinated - including Omicron instances.

Positive instances should follow the following protocol:

The following is the order of isolation for patients infected with ALL variants:

  1. Seven days for persons who have received all vaccines and are symptom-free.
  2. Ten days for persons who have received insufficient immunizations or are sick.

Prior to discharge, a health examination will be conducted.

You need to seek medical advice to get confirmation about your health status. I hope the above statement does help you in a way and if you need further assistance and explanations from us, you can talk to our doctor online. Thank you.

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