Double Confirm on Pregnancy

Anonymous 5 months

Good evening, I am 40 years old and my last menses I got was in 30th June to 3rd July and after that I had unprotected sex with my husband on 13th July and on the same day I took the morning after pill as prescribed by the pharmacist. My next menses date were on 27th July to 28th July and the next was 21st to 23rd August. My query is I am safe right from not getting pregnant since I got my menses as per my period chart and how often can I consume the morning after pill

Dr Ramzdhan 5 months
General Practitioner

Thank you for your questions. The following answers regarding your current queries are just general descriptions due to the limited information provided by you. Click on this link (DoctorOnCall) for a private consultation with our doctors.

Based on your menstruation history, if you are having normal period as it should be, you are not pregnant at the time. However, if there are unprotected sexual intercourse after you finish your period, there will be slight chance for you to get pregnant. In regards for the morning after pill or emergency contraception pills, it can only take once per menstruation cycle as it can disrupt the cycles significantly if taken regularly. If you are not planning to get pregnant any time soon, it is advisable for you to take regular contraception methods like pills, injection, implants or IUCD device. Alternatively, your husband can always wear condom during the intercourse. If you have further questions you may also click on this link (DoctorOnCall) to speak with our doctors online for free. We assure you that our conversations are kept in confidentiality unless additional consultation needed with other medical parties. Thank you.

Last Updated: Thu Aug 29 2019 21:55:58 GMT+0800 (+08)
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