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I have diabetes and worsening nerve conditions in my fingers (trigger finger) because of the diabetes. I am attending a local clinic for basic check ups and physiotherapy but I also want to consult a specialist for options to explore regarding my trigger finger. I have a referral letter from my GP but am wondering what is the process like to go to a hospital with the referral letter? Do I book an appointment first? or just go to hospital with referral letter? thanks


Thank you for choosing us to get an opinion regarding your health issues.

Based on your explanations, you are wondering about the process of going to a hospital with the referral letter.

As far as I’m concerned, you need to bring the referral letter and show it to the hospital. Depending on the doctor’s availability, you might need to set an appointment to meet the specialist there.

I hope the above statement does help you in a way and if you need further assistance and explanations from us, you can talk to our doctor online. Thank you.

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