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Suspecting Diabetes

Hi I been suspecting whether I have diabetes or not since midnight I will wake up 1 or 2 times for urination ,and I cant gain weight also and around March I did a blood and urine test(by fasting) the result of my glucose level is normal 5.1mmal, so I’m not sure now do I have diabetes or nocturia

Hi, thank you for reaching out to us.

We understand your concern regarding your condition. For your information, it is hard to diagnosing someone to have diabetes by laboratory result alone. There are some factors that need to be taken into account. We advise you to address your concern to a doctor so that you can get examined further and treated accordingly.

According to your inquiry, there are some possible causes of waking up for urination at night (nocturia):

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Psychological issues
  • High fluid intake before sleep
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Consumption of caffeine or alcohol can also lead to the symptoms mentioned
  • Medication side effects that causes frequent urination

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