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Gender Transpositioning

Have you ever watched the movie Mulan? The song " make a man out of you " is very nice and upbeat and how does this affect the gender psychology of a child?

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Movies are the mirror of a society that reflects social practices, incidents, and imperfections. Movies are one effective means to sow the seeds of aspirations and ideas for making the fantasy world into reality. One single movie may provide certain knowledge and ideas about issues like gender to a child, for example, in Mulan, a woman is pretending to be a man, however, may not have a significant impact on a child’s development.

Instead, I think that it’s the cumulative effect of many messages from many sources (including other movies) like books, other videos, and their surroundings people and environment, family upbringing and many others that influence a child on his or her perspective on a certain issue like gender.

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