21 months

The stray cat had a parvo and scratch my hands

I am a woman in my 20’s. My family adopt a stray cat that were infected with parvo. The cat scratch my hand and it never heal. It becomes worse and it very itchy. And I still can feel the pain from the scratch. I get the scratch on 7 July and it almost a month. It start with a line and right now it becomes a mark. There a redness around it.

Dr Ramzdhan,

21 months

Hi, thank you for your question.

Your concern is about the injury that you had from cat scratch. We will try to help.

Based on your explanation, your injury from the cat scratch has worsening and have redness. There are very likely that the site has been infected or inflamed.

However, it is best if you get the injury examine by a doctor so a proper examination can be done to the injury site and a proper diagnosis can be made.

We hope this answer helps you. Thank you.

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