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I noticed there was white discharge coming out from my ladies part

Hi doctor, I am now pregnant with my second child and it’s my fifth month of pregnancy. I noticed there was white discharge coming out from my ladies part. Could it be candidiasis? Will it affect my pregnancy and the baby?

  • Hi, thank you for the question. Vaginal discharge can be normal or abnormal during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your body experiences a variety of changes. One of the notables changes is vaginal discharge during this period of time. It is important to know what is considered as normal and must inform healthcare provider if there is changes. I will explain some of the differences between normal and abnormal vaginal discharge.

  • Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy also known as leukorrhea. The discharge is normally white, thin, milk and have some mild smelling. It is a normal condition and you have nothing to worry about. Abnormal vaginal discharge is normally green or yellowish, strong smelling, itching and redness.

  • This indicates vaginal infection. One of the most common vaginal infections during pregnancy is candidiasis. Sexual transmitted disease can also cause abnormal discharge.

  • There are tips that can help you to deal with the vaginal discharge. You are encourage to wear panty liners that makes you comfortable. Do not use tampons as it can introduce new infections into the vagina. Besides that, do not douche as this can interrupt the balance of bacteria in your vagina. Vaginal candidiasis is a common condition associated with douching practise.

  • Please notify your healthcare provider any time when you noted there is any changes to vaginal discharge. Currently, your description suggests a normal vaginal discharge. Please never attempt to treat yourself without consulting the healthcare providers. Hope i answered your question and good days ahead !!!

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