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Im having heavy white discharge and back pain past 2 years

Im married on feb 17. Im having heavy white discharge and back pain past 2 years. Doctor suggest me some antibiotic, even after took antibiotic still im having white discharge. My pelvic screen showed tat there is no cyct and fibroid but doctor said have pcos. What should do.?

  • Hi, thank you for the question. You mentioned about your previous treatment, gives me an impression abnormal vaginal discharge possibly caused by infections or inflammation. After treatment , it is healthy to have white discharge as long as the discharge does not have unpleasant smell or heavy as before. In a normal women, vaginal discharge usually occur during the start and the end of menstrual cycle. It is way of your body to clean the reproductive organs. The colour of discharge can range from eggshell colour to creamy colour.

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal disorders among reproductive age women. The exact causes of PCOS is unknown but there are several factor that may contribute to PCOS such as genetic predisposition, low grade inflammation, excess insulin and high level of testosterone.

  • PCOS normally presents with irregular periods, acne, excessive hair growth and baldness. PCOS is not a cause of abnormal white discharge. Abnormal white discharge normally due to infections, such as bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas and vaginal candidiasis.

  • If you noticed your vaginal discharge becomes thick, heavy and has unpleasant smell, you should seek help from healthcare providers. Doctor may takes swabs from the vagina to find the microorganisms that caused the infections. Appropriate treatment will be given by your doctor to cure the infections.

  • For your PCOS, please continue your medications if there is any. Always attend the follow up appointment arranged by your doctor. Since there is no cure available for PCOS, a good control of your condition can improve your quality of life greatly. Have a good day !!!

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