2 years

(Female ) Vaginal Discharge

Previously got bacterial vaginosis, doctor give fluomizin and gynoflor. After few months my vaginal discharge got a light yellow-green and little iron smell and accompany little itchy around 1min. So far no pain, Should i buy it again ?

Hi and thank you for your question.
We understand that you have bacterial vaginosis and you are enquiring if you should get the same medication again for your issue.
We would like to help.
Since you still have the discharge and feel like it is causing some itchiness,
We recommend you to seek a gynecologist advice again for further evaluation.
This would be helpful as your doctor could prescribe you a different medication that could improve your condition.
It is always advised to seek a doctors advice before starting a medication and self prescription is not to be done.

We hope our answers helped.

Thank you

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