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Yeast infection perhaps?

Hi doc , im 37, female , still a virgin . Recently i have been having an itch . Scale of itchness 5 around my vagina . I think the clitoris area has bled a bit due to scratching n it hurts when i peed . There is a discharge as well as i peed n it smells too. I need your advice too because i felt my vaginal area is dry as well

Yeast or candida fungus is a naturally occurring fungus that is normally lives in the vagina area. It usually does not cause any harms, but when its growth goes uncontrollable, an uncomfortable yet distressing infection can result. This infection is known as a vaginal candida infection.

It’s a quite common condition, affecting three out of four female at some point in their lifes, according to the Mayo Clinic which is a famous medical websites, do check it out. The infection often occurs after taking a course of antibiotics, as these types of drugs can eliminate good bacteria along with the bad bacteria. The good bacteria are needed to keep yeast growth in balance. The uncontrolled growth of yeast in the vagina can result in uncomfortable feel, including burning, itching, and whitish discharge.

Exposing the vagina to irritating substances can also cause vaginal itching. These substances can trigger an allergic reaction that produces an itchy rash over the various areas of the body, including the vagina area. Common chemical irritants for example:-
-soap and bubble baths
-feminine sprays
-topical contraceptives pills
-topical creams
-skin ointments
-clothes softeners
-a toilet paper

Do avoid any of those things if you have any allergic reactions to them. If you have diabetes mellitus or urinary incontinence, your urine may also cause genital irritation and itching as well.

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