5 years

Vaginitis and White Discharge

Im 36 & mother of two children. Having ithy & inflammation in/out of vagina… Also white discharge (cottage cheese)… Since Mar’19 & until now… Feeling not comfortable. Ardy on medication for three times (mar,19, Apr’19 & Jul’19)… Still not OK. Last medication was long as 6days insert medicine & rest 1 day. Then follow by next 6days of insert medicine. That time feel OK but later on same thing happen again… What should I do???

Dr Ramzdhan,

5 years

Hi and thank you for your inquiry. This is a general answer to the question asked. Please click on this link (DoctorOnCall) to talk to us privately.

To help you with this problem, aside from medication there are several ways that you can do to minimize or prevent this problem from recurring such as:

  • Do no wash your vagina with soap or any products - instead just let water flow and do not rub too vigorously
  • Use of topical anti-fungi/anti-septic on the vagina
  • Always changing your underwear
  • Choose a comfortable underwear that made up from cotton
  • Less sexual intercourse while you’re on medication - to allow resting and recovery time

If after doing all the above methods and taking medications you are still feeling itchy and there’s white discharge, you have to seek medical help as further assessment are needed to sample and check for the causal organism (the organism may not be affected by the medication given and need to change to something stronger). Alternatively, you can speak to us privately over this matter with further questioning needed before treatment can be given. You can click on this link (DoctorOnCall) to talk to one of us. Thank you.


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