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Lower ovarian reserve for my age

What are the options or treatment if diagnosed with lower ovarian reserve for the age 35.

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For your information, low ovarian reserve is a condition where the quality and quantity of your ovum was decreased, causing fertility problem. This is a diagnosis of exclusion, which other gynaecological diseases needed to be rule out before the diagnosis of low ovarian reserve can be made.

If low ovarian reserve is diagnosed soon enough, it’s possible to freeze the healthy eggs or ovum for future use. Your doctor might even suggest trying IVF immediately. Another option is using donor eggs to get pregnant. In this case, the eggs will be retrieved from a donor. The eggs will then be fertilized through IVF and implanted into your own uterus.

The treatment you pursue will depend on your personal situation, so it’s important to talk about all your options with a fertility specialist.

Therefore, you need to refer this matter to a fertility specialist, or Obstetric and Gynaecology (O&G) specialist as soon as possible, to discuss for the best treatment option.

For more information, you may contact us for an online consultation for further information and assistance.

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