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Painful vaginal flatulences

I’m 32 this year but I had this issue for more than 10 years. It only became a problem or discomfort over the last year when the air gets trapped more frequently during sexual intercourse, exercising or even sometimes going to the loo.

I was told that vaginal gas shouldn’t hurt as there is a cavity and that it should release naturally. I’ve consulted 3 gynaes, they all did a scan only to find a polyp. They mentioned it shouldn’t hurt and are puzzled that I would assume its vaginal gas.

They have no answers at all to this pain I am very certain something is wrong and it is indeed vaginal gas (as only if its released then it doesn’t hurt). I hope someone can help… I became more fearful of having intimacy with my husband more which is sad.

Thank you for your queries.

We understand your problem about pain around the vagina and this causes serious discomfort to your daily activities.

For your information, vaginal flatulence is normal and rarely painful. Usually due to:

  • Sexual intercourse or activity
  • Exercise or stretching
  • Pregnancy or menopause

Abnormal vaginal flatulence only occurs when its due to vaginal fistula. Some symptoms include:

  • Passage of gas, stool or pus from vagina
  • Foul smelling vaginal discharge
  • Recurrent vaginal or urinary tract infections
  • Irritation or pain in vulva, vagina or anus
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

However, this is not a conclusive diagnosis because we do not have proper history of your symptoms, no physical examination or clinical tests done.

Therefore, you need to refer this problem to your doctor for further information, then only a proper treatment plan can be given.

You may contact us for an online consultation for further assistance as well.

Thank you, we hope our answer has been helpful.

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