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Small breast and how to regain the size

hello. im a woman in my 20’s. lately, I’ve been thru a lot of issues with bodyshaming. some of my friends like to talk about my small breast and told me the size of my breast so small. atm, i feel freaking insecure because of this. i need to regain my breast size and i would like to ask you, is there any medicine or treatment for this problem? Thankyou

Hi and thank you for asking us

Through the question and statement you gave on the above section, i completely understand your concern over this matter. For your information, there are a few reasons that might cause the change in size such as:

  • Losing weight
  • Change in your diet
  • Changing contraceptive pill
  • Exercising
  • Changes in your hormone

This is a mere problem and usually its just cosmetic appearance. Therefore, you can consult and cosmetic doctors to assist you further in achieving your issue. Thank you.


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