2 years

Urethritis for the past 2 weeks

I am a lady who suffering from urethritis. I went to see doctor yesterday and he conducted the pap smear and ultrasound on my uterus. However, the doctor did the stethoscope check on my breast. Thus, I am just wondering is this the one the SOP for the check?

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us.

Based on your query we understand that you want to confirm the legitimacy of the physical examination done to you. We will try to help you to the best of our ability.

It is correct that urethritis is an infection that predominantly effects the lower part of the body which is the urinary system. Hence the physical examination done is warranted. However, a complete physical examination is always the best approach.

We understand your concern. Usually, a stethoscope is used to check the breath and heart sound which are part of the normal routine examination. As some infections like urethritis may cause fever and other systemic symptoms this examination may be necessary. As we are not the doctor examining and we also did not know the full history and the background of your illness, we cannot make a conclusion or justify the doctor’s action. We hope this answer helps you.

If you think the doctor is not following good conduct of practice. Please report to the authority. Thank you, we hope our answer has been helpful.


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