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Morning after pill effecr

Hi! I wanna ask something serious. Ive got no one to talk with.

Firstly, Is pre-cum is real? I mean, after my boyf fucked me, he did pulled out but is there’s a chance that i get pregnant? I hope it’s not.

And secondly, what happen if i take morning after pills but actually I didn’t save any sperm in me. Hopefully you can help me. Time is running out and im afraid of effect that the pills give for ovulation. Thank you!

Hello, and thank you for contacting us

We truly understand your concern with regard to your current condition. However, our views would only reflect based on the description that you have brought forth into the forum.

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Precum , also known as pre - ejaculate , is a fluid made by the male reproductive tract during sexual stimulation before experiencing a climax. It exits the urethra and is often found on the tip of the penis during sexual arousal. Physically, it is a clear lubricant that prepares the urethra for the climax to ensure the right condition is met for the sperm to travel into the female organ.

For your information, it is estimated that emergency contraceptive pill will prevent the expected 85% of pregnancies. 95% of pregnancies are expected to be prevented if taken within the first 24 hours, down to 58% if taken between 48 hours and 72 hours after an unprotected intercourse.

Emergency contraceptive pill is considered a birth control pill or contraceptive pill when it is taken within 72 hours of having sex. It works by interfering with the hormones in your body - hence prevents for insemination or fertilization to occur. It is not always harmful but still has notable side effects. Albeit consuming the pill too often, will interfere with your wife’s menstrual cycle and other corresponding side effects.

For women who have frequent sexual intercourse, it is advisable to take contraceptives such as IUCD or hormone contraceptive injections other than birth control pills to prevent pregnancy for a long time. Since you have taken the first pill in less than 48 hours, then the protective effect of the drug on pregnancy (theoretically by 85% chance) still works.

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With that being said we encourage you to consult with the nearest clinic or hospital in your area. In addition you can also talk directly to our doctors by using this link. (DoctorOnCall) Thank you.


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