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Unprotected sex (withdrawal method)2

After me and my partner having unprotected sex, how he withdraw just in time but I want to to avoid pregnancy so I should take the Emergency contraceptive pill on that day and after that I take the 21 days(contraceptive pills) Same day am I right? And after that I should take my pregnancy test?

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For your information, emergency contraceptive pills are taken up to 72 hours after having unprotected sex. On the other hand, 21 day birth control pills are a form of regular contraception. If you are not taking a regular birth control pill, you are advised to take an emergency contraceptive pill. After that, if you are sexually active, you are advised to switch to a regular birth control method as emergency contraception cannot be used regularly. As for pregnancy test, it is advisable to take it 10-14 days after missing your period. You can talk to our doctor online for further advice regarding this matter.

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