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Postinor-2 two tablets at once

Will Postinor-2 be effective if i take both pills at once? I previously took Escapelle, and it was one tablet of 1.5mg whereas Postinor-2 is two tablets of 0.75mg

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Postinor-2 contains levonorgestrel and it is used as an emergency contraception method. This medication is effective in preventing pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse or failure of contraceptive method if taken within 72 hours.

Postinor-2 contains 2 tablets. The recommended direction of use is taking the first one as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse and the second tablet taken 12 hours after the first. If you have taken both tablets at once, it shouldn’t cause any serious side effects and will still be effective. If you vomit within 2 hours of taking the tablets, consult a doctor to get an additional dose.

Your period may be slightly delayed after taking this pill, but if your period is delayed for more than 3 weeks, please consult a doctor as you may be pregnant.

If your have further enquires, please contact us so we can help you further.
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