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Heat rash prickly heat

Answered by: Dr Sashini Seeni

Last Updated: January 14, 2020 4:07 AM

Anonymous 5 months

Hi, I am 31 this year, having skin heat rash itchy whenever my body feel hot/heat, or exercise, is there any way i can cure this heat rash/prickly heat ? thanks

Dr Sashini Seeni 5 months
General Practitioner

Greetings, thank you for your question.

The answer is a general description of the problem you’re having. Please click on this link (DoctorOnCall) to speak with us.

Based on the above information, we understand your concern about the problem you’re having. For your information, there is no cure for heat allergy. However, these are a few routines that you can exercise to minimize rashes and skin problems, such as:

  • Identify your allergens (triggers) and avoid them. In the case of heat allergy, the triggers are usually hot water, sunset and warm room temperature. Therefore, to avoid this you should avoid all of the above for example using an umbrella when having to walk under the sun.
  • Avoid tight clothing and use sweat-like clothing instead of synthetic materials
  • Apply sunblock or sunscreen
  • Make sure the room are well ventilated and cool
  • Choose cold water baths

For more information regarding this condition, please click on the link (DoctorOnCall) to contact your doctor or on the link (DoctorOnCallEPharma) to speak with our pharmacist online. We will protect your privacy. Thank you.

Last Updated: Tue Jan 14 2020 04:07:10 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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