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Osteoarthritis (please help me for my assignment)

Answered by: Dr Sashini Seeni

Last Updated: January 13, 2021 3:47 AM

Anonymous 4 days

What are the risks having osteoarthritis untreated?

Dr Sashini Seeni 4 days
General Practitioner

Greetings! Thank you for your questions.

For your information, osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition. If left untreated, it will get worse with time. It is a significant cause of disability among adults. However, the death from osteoarthritis is rare.

Persons with osteoarthritis have higher pain intensities compared with normal person to the same level of pressure stimuli, as well as lower pressure pain thresholds. Some studies have also documented lower pain thresholds in persons with osteoarthritis. In addition, further development and validation of tools to assess sensitization will be necessary to support such research efforts.

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Last Updated: Wed Jan 13 2021 03:47:59 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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