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Erectile Disfunction and Sildenafil

I am 61 years old with high blood pressure and under medication. Can i safely use Sildenafil to overcome my problem with ED?

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You can take Viagra (sildenafil) if you have high blood pressure that is controlled. Viagra acts by relaxing smooth muscles to allow more blood flow to the penis. It causes blood vessels to open wider. This effect is called vasodilation, and it lowers blood pressure.

Caution is warranted in some cases:

  • If you take Viagra with a blood pressure medication that also works by lowering blood pressure through vasodilation, your blood pressure could drop low enough to make you dizzy or make you pass out.
  • Taking Viagra with a blood pressure or prostate medication called an alpha blocker can be dangerous. If you take an alpha blocker and you need Viagra, your doctor may need to lower the dose of the alpha blocker or lower the dose of Viagra.
  • Another type of drug that lowers blood pressure is a nitrate drug. Nitrate drugs are used in people with heart disease to relieve chest pain called angina. You should not use Viagra if you use a nitrate drug. This can also lead to a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

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