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Erectile Dysfunctiin

Answered by: Dr Sashini Seeni

Last Updated: November 15, 2019 12:16 PM
Anonymous 2 years

I am 48 years old and started experiencing ED for a few months. I have previously taken Viagar and Vivic but in a small dosage. i.e. I break the pill into 4 portions.
The pill helped with my ED. Is there any other pill with smaller dosage that you would recommend for me.

Thank you.

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Dr Sashini Seeni 2 years
General Practitioner

Hello, thank you for your question.
The answer is a general description of the problem you’re having. Please click on this link (DoctorOnCall) to speak with us.

Based on the above information, we understand your concern about the problem you’re having. To your knowledge, erectile dysfunction can be caused by many things, such as:

  • psychogenic - such as stress, anxiety, problematic relationships
  • psychiatry - anxiety disorder, depression
  • neurogenic - trauma, diabetes, alcohol
  • endocrine - thyroid problems
  • arteriogenic - related to blood vessels such as high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and more
  • side effects of drugs such as antihypertensive, antidepressants, and more

For your information, uncontrolled chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and uncontrolled cholesterol can lead to many complications, including erectile dysfunction. You should consult your doctor and discuss any problems you may have before starting on a medication such as Viagra. This is because most cases of ED have a good prognosis after the above causes are well controlled and therefore might not need the consumption of Viagra, or if still needed can be dose adjusted by the doctor.

Because Viagra is a medication that requires a doctor’s prescription. Therefore, please refer to health professionals regarding the suitability of the medication for your existing health status and to refer this problem further as additional information and examination are required before conclusions and treatment can be provided.

Please click on the link (DoctorOnCall) to contact your doctor or on the link (DoctorOnCallEPharma) to speak with our pharmacist online. We will protect your privacy. Thank you.


Last Updated: Fri Nov 15 2019 12:16:45 GMT+0800 (Malaysia Time)
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