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Sakit kepala berterusan selama 5 hari selepas vaksin

I took my second dose vaccine on the 19th of August which is 5 days ago. And ever since Im done with the vaccine I kept having headache, its been 5 days now and the headache still occurs. Is that a side effect of the vaccine or is it because of other matter

Thank you for contacting us regarding your query.

We understand you’ve been experiencing headaches for 5 days after receiving vaccination. For your information, headache is a common side effect of Covid-19 vaccination. Studies have shown that side effects from vaccination may last up to 6 weeks from your vaccination date. However, some other underlying medical condition may also cause your symptom. Those include :

  • Dehydration
  • Anemia
  • Migrain
  • Lack of sleep

We advise you to refer to a doctor if your headache worsens.
We hope that this answer has been helpful. Thank you.

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