2 years

Slight hearing loss in one ear and swollen cheek bone

I am a woman in my 20s and I faced hearing loss in one ear since the last week of december, 2021. My hearing did come back after a week which is during the first week of January 2022 but a few days later the hearing loss came back. My cheek started to become swollen on 16th of January and it hurts when i eat, yawn or opening my mouth wide.


Thank you for choosing us to get an opinion regarding your health issues.

Based on your explanations, you are experiencing slight hearing loss in one ear and swollen cheek.

For your information, these symptoms can be caused by:

  • a facial injury
  • a tooth abscess
  • salivary stones
  • an infection, such as cellulitis
  • a salivary gland tumor
  • lymphadenitis, the enlargement of a lymph node, usually due to infection
  • a tooth abscess
  • hypothyroidism
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Sjogren’s syndrome
  • Viral infections

You need to seek medical advice for an accurate diagnosis and early treatments to prevent any unfavorable situations

I hope the above statement does help you in a way and if you need further assistance and explanations from us, you can talk to our doctor or our specialist online. Thank you.

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