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Birth control pill,as prescipted by my dermatologist

Hi doctor,i am a 24th year old female .Not married yet.
I have a question regarding the birth control pill.
My period should have come 3 days ago on 1st april.
I have take a birth control pill named Diane-35 as prescript by my dermatologist for the last 6 month.
I have skip one month from taking the pill,because of the current situation(RMO).
When should i start taking the birth control pill,as i was suppose to start taking it on my 5th day of my mestruation?
Thank you and stay safe :blush:

Thank you for your questions.

From your explanation above, I believe you took contraceptive pills as treatment for your acne. Hence there would be no issues on when should you start taking the pills as you can start anytime you would like to. However, if the pills are taken meant to avoid pregnancy, you’re advice to take the pills within five days after the beginning of your menstrual period, to be protected from pregnancy immediately. Otherwise you need to practice other types of contraceptive such as condom for the first 7 days before the pills become effective.

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