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Supplemet for women who ttc

Hello Doctor, I am a women with aged 27 years old. Right now i was in TTC, planning for second baby. I want to ask if Bio Ace Plus is suitable for me who in TTC to consume ? or can you suggest another supplement that’s goods for me to consume ? during my TTC period I already get 2 times chemical pregnancy.

Hello and thank you for addressing your concern.

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According to your statement, we believe a thorough clerking, investigation and examination needs to be done first in order to clearly determines what supplementation is best for your current health. So that no unnecessary product or those that can give an adverse effect, would be taken. Correspondingly, the information given by you might only touch the surface of the puzzle.

However other than remember to not only depends on supplementation to ensure healthy fertility and good health. One must also have the right & healthy diet, good sleep & personal hygiene, and exercise regularly.

In addition, with regard to conceivability, it’s good to know that the fertile window of a woman is a few days before, up to 24 hours after ovulation. Ovulation usually occurs on the 14th day starting from the last female menstrual date (if your menstrual cycle is for 28 days). Beyond the fertile window period, chances to get pregnant is very low.

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With that being said I hope you would take the extra initiative to contact our doctor using this link (DoctorOnCall) in order to maximise the help that you can get.


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