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Is Dengvaxia not suitable for me?

Hi doctor, i’ve heard that Dengvaxia isn’t suitable for most people. Why is that? Im concerned about dengue and wish to get vaccinated soon.

Good morning!

Thanks for your question, as we can address a common concern with Dengvaxia.

Dengvaxia has a rather strict requirement in that it can only be administered to patients who have a history of contracting the dengue virus. This is due to the way the vaccine works, which utilizes the response a person’s body has upon the initial infection called the Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE). When Dengvaxia is used on a person who has had no previous contact with the dengue virus, it will instead increase the risk of severe infection.

On the other hand, another type of dengue virus, Qdenga, can be administered for people with no previous history of infection.

Whether you’re deciding between Dengvaxia or Qdenga, it is important to see a healthcare professional beforehand, especially if you have a history of previous medical conditions that might interfere with the efficacy of either vaccine.

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