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Periods delay problem

Hello, I just took birth control pill after sperm was discharged on my vagina but no intercourse. And now it’s been 4 days delay and still I don’t have my periods. Is it alarming or anything to worry about?

Hi and thanks for your question, we perfectly understand the situation you are in. Your question is causes of missed periods. Here we will try to cover all of it. What are causes that can make me miss my period?

  • Stress, stress can cause hormonal imbalance which controls your menstrual cycle, and also in a long run, affect your bodyweight which will be further elaborated in the next 2 point.
  • Low body weight, it affects your body metabolism and affects your hypothalamus, both of which can affect your menstrual cycle. If it’s associated with an eating disorder, getting your treatment for it will help alleviate the symptoms. Otherwise, eat a balanced diet and gain some weight may help you regulate your menstrual cycle.
  • Overweight, just as low body weight can affect your metabolism and hypothalamus, so can being overweight, having a proper diet and exercise plan to lose weight can help with this.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition where too much male hormones are produced in a female can lead to a cessation of menstruation. It is accompanied by hirsutism which is excessive hair at the face, the chin, the chest and the body.

Therefore, to be certain, you should visit a clinic or hospital where they will check for the exact level of hormone within your body or do an ultrasound to see if the gestational sac can be seen.

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