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Period not coming and upt negative

Hi, I’m a woman aged 26 years old and just married for 3 months. Last month I had my period only last for 3 days but the amount of blood was quite heavy and then it stopped. For this month, I’m worried because I still no having period. According to my period calendar, it’s have been delayed for 17 days. I already checked and tested on the UPT many times but the results was negative. Do you know why? Am I pregnant or not? If not, what is actually happening to me? And is there any probability that I’m actually pregnant? Should I make scan to the clinic? Hope for your suggestions. Thanks

Hello, thank you for your enquiry.

For your information, if you have checked UPT for multiple times, and it showed negative results, the probability of you being pregnant is fairly low. The changes in menstrual period, or missed period in your case may have several causes, such as:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Excess exercising
  • Decrease or increase body weight abruptly
  • Overweight or underweight
  • Side effect of using certain medication such as oral contraceptive pills
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Gynaecology problem such as ovarian cyst, ovarian dysfunction or so.

To find out the cause and diagnosis for your case, a more detailed history is needed, as well as a proper clinical examinations and relevant investigations such as ultrasound scan. Therefore, you need to refer this problem to your doctor as soon as possible for further information, then only a proper treatment plan can be given.

You may contact us for an online consultation for further assistance as well.

Thank you, we hope our answer has been helpful.

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