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No period for a few months

Hello, Dr.
I am 48 years old single, never married or pregnant. It’s been 6 months without a period. Am I premenopausal or menopausal? If this happens, does a person need to reactivate menstruation? If yes, how? What changes are expected to my body and health? Any signs or symptoms I need to be alert to? Any advice on nutrition? What should I do? Thank you.

Hello and good evening
Thank you for your question.

Based on your question, I understand that you are worried about your problem. I will try to help you.

Based on the information you provide, the symptoms of late menstruation that you experience can be due to:

  • A lifestyle that is too busy and active
  • Emotional stress
  • Underweight or overweight
  • Endometriosis - the growth of the lining of the uterine wall in other areas
  • Problems of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Problems with the structure of the uterus, ovaries, or cervix

If this problem persists and is detrimental to your health, you are advised to refer to this problem further as additional information and examination are required before a conclusion can be made.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you to consult a doctor for proper treatment. You can contact our doctor online for further information and treatment.

I hope this answer helps you. Thank you.

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