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Not in a period after a month

I am a 14 year-old teenager girl and I haven’t been in a period for about 1 month. A few days ago, I experienced period symptoms such as vaginal discharge and others. However, this whiteness started to stop after I took panadol because I was sick at that time. And until today, I have not experienced any signs of period at all. Is it caused by the panadol pill?

Hello, thank you for your enquiry.

For your information, it is unlikely for panadol to cause such changes to your menstrual cycle.

Some ladies at their early age when their menstruation begins, may experience some irregularity in their menstrual cycles. This is somewhat normal, because the hormones in the early age may be imbalance or non-stabilized, causing the menstrual cycle to be irregular. Normally after some years when the hormone stabilized, the menstrual cycle will become regular.

However, a vaginal discharge may be normal or maybe cause by other issues such as allergy, infections, local irritations and so on.

you may need to refer this problem to a doctor for a further examinations and investigations, to rule out other causes and ask for advices.

You may contact us for an online consultation for further assistance as well.

Thank you, we hope our answer has been helpful.

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