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Should I take Qdenga or Dengvaxia for my dengue vaccination?

Hi dr. I am a 33 year old male. I have never gotten dengue or a dengue vaccine, but the recent news of cases has made me worried. I previously heard about Dengvaxia, but know there is also a new dengue vaccine called Qdenga. Which one should I get?

Dr Ramzdhan,

29 days

Good afternoon, thanks for your question.

It can be a daunting thing to choose between different vaccinations for the same virus or disease, as you’re never really sure what their differences are. Both vaccines feature the same purpose in preventing dengue fever, but they have different requirements for its patients.

Dengvaxia is stricter in the sense that it can only be given to patients with a history of dengue infection. This makes it a lot less accessible for most people who might not have ever encountered the disease.

Qdenga, on the other hand, can be freely given to anyone over the age of 4 to protect them from the dengue virus. Additionally, they also possess a higher efficacy rating as compared to Dengvaxia, making them a better alternative when it comes to dengue vaccines.

For your case personally, Qdenga would be the best option considering you never had dengue before. You can consult a healthcare professional to book your Qdenga vaccination, or if you have any enquiries about dengue, dengue vaccines, or even vaccinations in general.

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