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Will the cost of Qdenga vaccination be covered by government healthcare programs?

Hi Dr, I am thinking of getting my Qdenga vaccination. I checked the price and I think it is quite pricey. So. I am wondering if the cost of the Qdenga vaccination will be covered by the Malaysian government healthcare programs?

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Thank you for your question.

Yes.In some regions, particularly in countries where dengue fever is a significant public health concern, government healthcare programs may cover the cost of Qdenga vaccination. This can be facilitated through government subsidies, vaccination campaigns, or reimbursement schemes, which aim to improve access to vaccination for eligible populations.

However, coverage policies may vary depending on the specific healthcare system and policies of each country or region. It’s advisable to check with the local healthcare authorities for accurate information on vaccination coverage and access in a particular area.

If you have further questions about dengue fever or the vaccine, I recommend consulting with a healthcare professional for personalised advice and guidance.

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