Pain whole body when touch or carry

Anonymous Patient 24 days

My 83 year old mom who is now at a nursing home in Sg. Buloh. Diabetic but under control. Past few days she could not walk or even get off the bed. When we lift her she will scream in pain. We would like to get a doctor there to check on her incase there is any serious issues. Thank you.

Answered by doctor
Dr Sashini Seeni Doctor 24 days

Hello, thank you for asking.

The answer is a general description of the problem you’re having. Please click on this link (DoctorOnCall) to speak with us.

Based on the above information, we understand your concern about the problem you’re having. Since these symptoms have been around for a few days, and can interfere with your her body function, you should seek treatment for this problem. However, to know the exact cause of the problem you are facing, more information is needed before a conclusion can be drawn. As per home visit, we do not provide such service.

However, you can consult online by clicking on the link (DoctorOnCall) to contact a doctor or on the link (DoctorOnCallEPharma) to talk to our pharmacy online. We will protect your privacy. Thank you.

Last Updated: Thu Jan 02 2020 21:08:48 GMT+0800 (+08)
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