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Tinnitus problem waked up this morning

Answered by: Dr Sashini Seeni

Last Updated: July 1, 2020 4:48 AM

Anonymous 40 days

Hi Doc, I am male age 54 years old. I have hypertension for years already but I am taking Olmetec 20mg daily. I am a compliance patient. So far; my blood pressure is controlling well. I perform blood check in the clinic every 3 months and the reading is around 80-90/120-130. However; I have tinnitus this morning. I just wondering can this cause by my high bp? However; I dont feel anything wrong. Please advise.

Dr Sashini Seeni 40 days
General Practitioner

Greetings, thank you for your question.

The answer is a general description of the problem you’re having. Please click on this link (DoctorOnCall) to speak with us.
Based on the above information, we understand your concern about the problem you’re having. For your information, tinnitus can be caused by a variety of things. These include:

  • Age-related hearing loss
  • Earwax blockage
  • CIrculatory problems like atherosclerosis, hypertension
  • External otitis: inflammation of the outer ear
  • Otomycosis: fungal infection
  • Contact Dermatitis: A type of inflammation of the skin
  • Chronic supurgative otitis: the effects of old infections
  • Ear carcinoma: a type of cancer
  • Use of certain medications

Therefore, to know the exact cause of the problem you are facing, more information is needed before a conclusion can be drawn. Please click on the link (DoctorOnCall) to contact your doctor or on the link (DoctorOnCallEPharma) to speak with our pharmacist online. We will protect your privacy. Thank you.

Last Updated: Wed Jul 01 2020 04:48:45 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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