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Can my 2-month old baby receive Qdenga?

Greetings doctor, I am a mother of a 2 month old baby. Recently, my brother was diagnosed with a severe dengue fever and I am scared for my baby. I am thinking of getting a dengue vaccination for my baby. Can my 2-month old baby receive Qdenga?

Dr Ramzdhan,

2 months

Hello and thank you for your question.

The dengue vaccine developed by Takeda, is typically not recommended for infants as young as 2 months old. The vaccine’s safety and efficacy profile, including the appropriate age range for vaccination, are determined through clinical trials and regulatory approval processes.

Typically, vaccines are recommended for specific age groups based on factors such as the infant’s immune system development, potential risks associated with vaccination at different ages, and the vaccine’s effectiveness in those age groups. The age recommendations for vaccines are determined by regulatory authorities and healthcare experts based on available scientific evidence.

If you have concerns about dengue fever or vaccination for your baby, including the possibility of using Qdenga, consult with your pediatrician or healthcare provider. They can provide personalized recommendations and guidance based on your baby’s individual circumstances and the latest medical evidence available.

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