29 days

Is there a vaccine available for dengue fever and COVID-19?

Hello doctor… Can i ask if there is a vaccine for dengue fever and COVID-19?

Dr Ramzdhan,

29 days

Good morning, thank you for your question!

I’ll try to answer it as best as I can.

There are several ways to answer your question so I’ll get through all of them in a concise manner.

Yes, there exists vaccines used to prevent dengue fever, such as Qdenga, as well as vaccines to prevent COVID-19. However, there is currently no single vaccine that has the ability to prevent both Qdenga and COVID-19 at once.

Still, it may be possible to co-administer both a dengue vaccine like Qdenga as well as a COVID-19 vaccine, but research and data on this has been minimal.

Therefore, it’s important that you reach out to a healthcare professional for more information regarding co-administering vaccines, as well as detail any health conditions you might have that might conflict with this.

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