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Hello . i might be having a psycological problem

Hello there . hope you are having a good day . my health issue aint bad but I need some answers . I have been suffering from some psychological issue ( I think and you should help me verify). I keep watching the same show over and over again . I refuse to change my show preference. do you think its a disorder . do you think i am going insane . i feel like i am going insane .help me please and also how do i improve on this situation .

Hi and thank you for your question.
We understand that you have been watching the same show over and over again.
You also have an impression that you are going insane by doing so.
We understand your plight and would love to help.
Binging on a show is not an issue unless it is causing severe functional impairment.
This could be in the aspects of your biological, occupational or even in a personal level.
We would like to suggest you to talk to a psychiatrist online in order for you to receive valuable advice and if needed appropriate treatment.
You could try to focus on more productive daily activities such as reading ,exercising or even journaling for this matter.
If you still fail to do so, do not hesitate to contact us.
We would certainly love to help.
We hope our answers were beneficial and thank you for this question.
Do take care.

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