2 years

Insonmia, afraid of having depression

Insomnia for several months, the longest more than 30 hours did not sleep, these months either a whole day did not sleep, or sleep a while, half an hour or 1-2 hours to wake up, and then can’t sleep back, or very sleepy, the longest 16 hours.
Sensitive to sound, a little sound, let me very fidgety, temper, heart speed, inexplicable unease,
From the past, I have the feeling of wanting to die, and I feel that life is meaningless. I care too much about what others say, and a careless word from others, which makes me struggle for a long time. Because of this, I feel uneasy and think a lot about myself.
Can’t get motivated to do anything, get angry easily, get irritated at the slightest thing
Poor memory, the next second I forget what someone said, general forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating

what should I do? should I go to hospital?

Good evening and thank you for this question
We understand that you are having difficulties sleeping and are experiencing other physical symptoms.
We strongly advice you to seek a psychiatrist immediately for help.
Medical conditions like thyroid problems will be kept in mind before a psychiatrist diagnoses one with a mental health.
Please do not hesitate to head to a psychiatrist as treatment will help improve your condition drastically.
One with insight has a better prognosis in recovery.
You should not prolong your distress as this will only worsen your condition.
You can also talk to our expert psychiatrist online .
Do call Befrienders at 03-76272929 for moral support in the meanwhile.
We hope you seek medical help soon and wish you a speedy recovery to a better self.
Thank you.
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